Who I work with

Individuals of all ages with a wide variety of health issues.

Special interest areas include:

  • adrenal fatigue (stress, hormones),
  • gut health (IBS, food sensitivities, microbiome imbalance),
  • brain health (anxiety, dementia),
  • nutrigenomics (methylation support and 23andMe interpretation)
  • child nutrition for peak performance.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are following a diet plan that is not working
  • You have a vague diagnosis, a prescription in hand … and a lingering doubt
  • You want a whole person solution that recognizes your unique biochemical and genetic individuality not one that just masks your symptoms
  • You want to understand the mind-body connection to your food and lifestyle choices to develop a new way of sustainable eating and living
  • You have clear goals but need support and guidance on how to prioritize and make it all work.

If you answered YES to any or all of these statements then you’ve come to the right place.

I can help you connect the dots between your symptoms of ‘dis-ease’ and the contributing factors

You can learn how to implement a food, dietary supplements and lifestyle plan that will help restore your body’s innate drive for health and vitality.

Your body has a tremendous capacity for health, if you have deviated from this path, let me show you how to get back on your Way to Well!

What you can expect to experience

  • Health and healing at your own pace
  • Understanding and honoring your unique nutrition needs
  • Diet and lifestyle modifications in combination with interpretation of any nutritional, functional and genetic testing
  • Understanding the what, when and how to use nutritional supplements
  • Strategies, recipes, resources and motivation to support your journey
Ready to start?