Getting to the root cause of any health issues takes some detective work and willingness to work with your body to tune into its signs and symptoms as clues to current or pending dysfunction or disease.Be your own health advocate

The wisdom of ages-old natural, integrative therapies combined with the diagnostic tools of the twenty-first century provide us with a new vantage point to look inside our own genome and personal biochemistry to see how it has been affected by diet, lifestyle and environmental exposures and hone in on natural, non-toxic therapeutic interventions.

My goal is to empower you with knowledge of those natural interventions that have shown efficacy for different health conditions so that you are equipped to ask the right questions of yourself and your healthcare team as you seek to maintain or regain your optimal health and well-being.

Remember that we are all individuals in our genetic makeup and our lifelong environmental exposures. Just because one therapy has worked for one does not automatically make it effective for all.

So, use this information as a starting point or input into your journey to health and well-being and be relentless as your own health advocate seeking the solutions that are right for you.