Dem Bones…

health basics, fundamentals of health 101Remember the skeleton song we sang as kids…the foot bone’s connected to the leg bone…the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone…the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone….

Somehow I think we have lost sight of these connections when we consult our healthcare practitioner(s).   It’s not uncommon to seek medical advice for an isolated ailment without real consideration for the source of the problem.  It does not help when the medical profession is so silo-ed in it’s fields of expertise.

It seems as though we need an ‘[fill-in-the-blank]-ist‘ for every condition.

Our bodies are an intricate ecosystem of many integrated systems and processes which in good health operate  in concert like a well-tuned machine.   Do you ever stop and think about how a deficiency in one body system or process might be trigger symptoms in another? So why are we so quick to take a pill or slap a band aid on our symptoms to mask their effects rather than spend the time to understand the genesis of the problem?

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