Where I see most nutritional deficits in my practice is in the health of children.

So often children get stuck in ‘lanes’ Healthy eating for kidsof food choices that do not provide the full spectrum of micro-nutrients necessary to run a healthy metabolism. Over time they succumb to sickness on a regular basis which parents come to consider as the norm.

There is no norm associated with getting sick.

Health is normal.

Our bodies are wired for homeostasis, which means health balance. The body continually strives to be well, but like any system there is a tipping point beyond which health cannot be maintained.  When we get symptoms of illness or disease it is a subtle or overt signal that we need to slow down, reset and restore.

If, on the other hand the body routinely receives the nutrients that it needs to be healthy sickness need not occur.  Read the following articles to learn more about this important topic.

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