One in three of us fear losing our mind as we age and nearly half of us know someone who has been affected by cognitive decline.  With those rates set to quadruple over the coming decades wouldn’t it be good to know some simple steps you can take to prevent becoming a dementia statistic?

Brain health, new neurons, plasticity, reverse agingThe good news is that contrary to what was previously believed, the brain is not hard-wired.  In fact, we can build new connections and wire new networks throughout or lives.

Your brain is not hard-wired. You can build new connections and networks every day for life

The foundation of a healthy brain is nourishment – with the right nutrients in the right ratios at the right times.  Combined with lifestyle factors that work synergistically to support the brain you can arrest the progression of cognitive decline and stay sharp for life.

Check out some of the following articles that delve into the specifics in maintaining a healthy brain.

You spend so much time building knowledge, expertise and memories. Don’t you deserve the time to use it and not lose it?

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