Recently I overheard an octogenarian ask ‘how long would you like to live?’  After a moment’s pause her friend replied,

‘I just want to die healthy!’

Shouldn’t this be a goal for all us?  Think about what we could do with the extra time and money not spent on health care.  Invest in pursuing our passions and ageing gracefully, perhaps?

Just imagine, a life without being branded with a label…’I’m a diabetic’…..or living with the misery of generalized aches and pain, brain fog and bloating.17517021_s

It’s possible!  We are not defined by our genetics, our parents or our age!

Our health journey belongs to us. But, like a garden it needs to be tended, nourished and watered.

Symptoms are simply signs for us to take action – not to be masked, inhibited or suppressed with synthetic drugs. Disease labels just prevent us from seeking the root cause and solutions to remedy what ails us.

But how do you know where to begin, when there is so much information and conflicting advice?

How can you make good health choices for you and your family?

How do you start piecing it all together?


My name is Amanda Turton Huff, former bio-pharmaceutical executive turned Functional Nutritionist.  After many years immersed in understanding drug research, development, manufacturing and regulation I switched directions to pursue my passion for nutritional science and integrative health.about-pic

Thousands of hours deep into the science of how health and nutrition interact at the cellular level I graduated with a Masters of Science degree in human nutrition with functional medicine. I’m also board-certified by the Institute of Functional Nutrition Academy (IFNCP).  I run a nutrition consulting practice helping people from all life stages learn how nutrition and lifestyle choices can prevent or stave off chronic disease.

This combination of pharmaceuticals experience, cellular biochemistry, pathophysiology and nutritional practice affords a unique vantage point for helping you sort through conflicting dietary guidance and make smarter, personal decisions from the myriad of choices for managing your health today.


It’s no secret that science is constantly evolving and it fast gets really confusing with the constant seesawing of nutritional guidance in the news. Is fat good or bad?  How about gluten and dairy, in or out? Is kale all it’s cracked up to be?

One reason for the confusion is that we are all uniquely different while genetically over 99% the same!

That 1% can pack a mighty punch – however – and is determined by how we live our lives and what we and our earlier generations were exposed too – from stress to diet to environmental toxins.

What’s disturbing is that even when the scientists agree on the data it can take up to 20 years for that information to reach mainstream clinical practice.  That’s nearly a quarter of a healthy person’s life!

So, why wait? Instead, why not learn, get empowered and become your own health advocate?

Remember how you felt when you were your most vital, energetic and clear-minded? That’s your ‘Well’  – hold that vision as you make your way back there.

My goal is to help you cut through the noise – connect the dots – and figure out what is right for YOU to speed you on your Way to Well…the place where you are in tune with your body and its signs and signals informing you what to do to be your best self at any age.

So where to start?

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